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How do I add a new version of a film?

  1. First make sure you have created the Film Folder that will contain this new version.
  2. Navigate to the Film Folder. Click on the image or Order Now button to go to the Choose Your Version of... page
  3. Click the Add Film button


  • Title: The title of the film version, e.g. Warchild - Institutional Version
  • Description: A brief description of the version
  • Film: Select the Film Folder this version goes in. If you clicked the Add Film button from the film folder page this will automatically be selected
  • Image: Upload the image here. Drupal will automatically resize the image to the appropriate size.
  • Optional - Call For Price: Check this box if this version is call for price
  • SKU: A unique code for this product. You are free to make up any code you want as long as it makes sense to you
  • Sell Price: The price of the product
  • Product and its derivatives are shippable: Checked by default, uncheck if this product doesn't require shipping cost
  • Related Products for Upsell: Select one or more products to display in the related products block
  • Flat Shipping Rates: Enter the shipping rates here for US, Canada, and International