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Sura Flow Self Discovery Yoga


An Integrative Program of Healing Movement, Meditation & Coaching

Sura Flow is a Healing Energy Art.  It is the science and art of discovery.  Sura Flow integrates modalities of gentle movement, energy healing and meditation.  It is a methodology that facilitates the process of becoming whole.

Sura Flow Movement activates the healing power (prana) of the body through movement.  Circular, supine movements allow for greater flow of spinal fluid affecting the nervous system and encouraging parasympathetic (relaxed) states of being.  Movements are graceful and feminine and specifically designed to support the natural structure of the body.  Through Sura Flow, one consciously practices non-resistance while using “just the right amount” of effort.   Emphasis is placed on the inner sensation and attuning to one’s inner experience. Deeply healing and restorative, Sura Flow cultivates intuition, health and inner peace.

Music composed and performed by David & Steve Gordon
Provided courtesy of Sequoia Records

Mario's Story


Educational Themes:

Social Justice
Legal Studies
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Winner Audience Award - Los Angeles Film Festival - 2006
Finalist - Woodstock Film Festival - 2006
Finalist - Chicago Latino Film Festival 2006



In 1998 Mario Rocha, a young Latino, was convicted of murder on the basis of one questionable identification and not a shred of physical evidence. He was 16 years old at the time of his arrest, yet tried as an adult and sentenced to life in prison. While spending over two years in juvenile hall waiting for his trial, Mario joined a writing program and discovered his talent and love for writing. Today his stories, plays and poems are published and performed in prisons throughout the country. This film interweaves Mario's story as an inmate in one of California's toughest maximum-security prisons with the efforts of an unlikely group of people who have come together to win his freedom.




Educational Themes:

Social Justice

War Child is an engaging, heartwarming, horrific and entertaining documentary of a Sudanese child soldier’s life, Emmanuel Jal, who now as a rising Hip Hop musician is on a mission. He wants to educate children in Sudan and Kenya.  This movie will make you cry, laugh, dance and celebrate the power of hope.