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Tweezerman: A Failed Entrepreneur Finally Gets It Right - jacket

A great book, by Dal LaMagna

The founder of TWEEZERMAN and the co-inventor of the original Tweezerman Slant Tweezer, Dal LaMagna, was a failure before he was a success.  A self described "compulsive capitalist', LaMagna reveals the often hilarious and poignant story of how he turned his earlier failures into success.  Full of inspiration, conscience and good ideas for entrepreneurs, LaMagna pulls no punches in depicting the long and difficult work that led to finally realizing his dreams by founding TWEEZERMAN and turning it into both a world renowned brand and

How do I change the order of film versions?

  1. Look for the tabs above the title 'Choose Your Version of...' and click the Sort button.
  2. Drag the film versions into the order you desire.
  3. Click Save

War Child Book/DVD/CD Combo Pack

Combination pack of War Child book, DVD and CD

War Child Book/DVD Combo Pack

Combination pack of War Child book and DVD

War Child - Public Screening Version

War Child available for public screenings. Available in DVD, Digi-Beta, and 35 mm format.
Please contact us for pricing.

Mario's Story DVD



DVD for home use.  97 minutes

How do I work with orders?

  1. From the Admin Menu, click Orders
  2. You will see a list of all active orders. New orders will have a status of Payment received
  3. To work with an order, click the leftmost icon. This will take you to a screen where you can see all the order details.
  4. Once you have processed the order, change the status to Completed


How do I add a new book/cd?

  1. Navigate to the respective category, Books or Music
  2. Click the Add Product button
  3. The instructions for the field settings can be found under the FAQ entry for adding a film version

How do I add a new version of a film?

  1. First make sure you have created the Film Folder that will contain this new version.
  2. Navigate to the Film Folder. Click on the image or Order Now button to go to the Choose Your Version of... page
  3. Click the Add Film button


How do I add a new film?

  1. Navigate to the Films page and click the Add Film button.
  2. Alternate: You may also do this from the Admin Menu: Click Create content >> Film Folder
  3. Fill out the required fields: Title, Description, Image.
  4. Note: Drupal will take care of resizing the image for you, so don't worry about doing that yourself.
  5. Click Save
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