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How do I work with discounts?


Oh Liza Jane sparks a welcoming musical collaboration inspired by old folk songs brought forth into a new light.  Bound together by the band's declaration to share the power of harmony and improvisation, lead singer Liz McFadden's tunes bend between traditional bluegrass and country-rock.  This debut album promises to get shoulders swaying and toes tapping, giving way into a nice time.
  1.  Begin Again
  2.  Bride to Be
  3.  Thank you for Calling


Before he was a success, Dal LaMagna was a failure. A self described "compulsive capitalist', LaMagna reveals the often hilarious and poignant story of how he turned his earlier failures into a success.  Softcover - signed by author.


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War Child DVD/CD Combo Pack

Combination pack of War Child DVD and CD

War Child - Institutional Version

The War Child Movie DVD for libraries and institutions.

If you are a library distributor you may be eligible for a discount. Please contact us for details.

War Child DVD Movie

The War Child Movie DVD with bonus 3 song CD

Framing The Dark


Dal With Book Cover


Warchild CD

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