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Sura Flow Yoga "Yoga, Energy Healing & Life Skills"

Invigorate your mind-body-soul with Sura Flow, a gentle yet powerful practice for every body.

Sura Flow is an integrative practice that combines energy healing and yoga for optimal health. Circular, wave-like movements support the natural structure of the human body and spinal column.  Sura Flow emphasizes non-linear movement, core strength and letting go.

Graceful and fluid, Sura Flow is a unique blend of Kundalini yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi-like movements.  All movements originate form the hara, the power center, located 2 inches below the belly button.

This practice is designed for every level, from beginner to advanced practitioners.

In this set you will learn

- Grounding & Centering
- 30 minute Seated Flow Practice
- 20 minute Active Flow Practice

Running time: 56 minutes